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Jordan Gross, Creator and Lead Clinician

Everyone has their own journey, including founder Jordan Gross. He became overweight and unhealthy from eating ``healthy food``…the caveat was he was eating too many calories. From naked juice drinks to tons of nuts, seeds and olive oil in excess, his body weight got out of control. He looked up and all of a sudden was 260 pounds. He was doing tons of cardio, but the weight kept creeping up. He had to start looking at his nutrition, not only the food quality, but also the food quantity. In 2008, after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, Jordan learned that his mission was to fuse healthy eating with positive body composition changes for all of his future clients and to dispel the barrage of fitness and nutrition myths circling the fitness community. He delved deep into the evidence based community research, combining science with practical application to give his clients optimal results. Now, fast forward 12 years later and he eats whatever he wants, just in the appropriate quantities for his goals. This includes cereal, ice cream, the occasional pizza and his Saturday sushi night. He is able to stay lean and healthy year-round with ease, enjoying foods and experiences with friends and family and has found the balance with flexible dieting. No more restrictive dieting, more freedom, more adherence, hence more results.

Dr. Kristen Morby, PT, DPT, IFBB fitness professional

Kristen is a licensed doctor of physical therapy specializing in sports medicine and orthopedics. She has been involved in athletics and fitness her whole life competing in gymnastics and pole vault at the division II collegiate level. Once she graduated college she got into bodybuilding to continue to pursue fitness and satisfy her competitive craving. However, the bodybuilding world is filled with ``coaches`` who build cookie cutter plans that are very unhealthy, severely low-calorie, and unsustainable. Unfortunately, Kristen was exposed to this and was prepping for bodybuilding shows on 700 calories a day. That's when she met Jordan who introduced her to a healthier way of eating in which she properly nourished her body and was able to eat foods she enjoyed instead of just bland tilapia and asparagus. She was able to prep for national level fitness competitions using these methods, and she is now an IFBB Professional Fitness athlete. Through this process, Kristen became very interested in nutrition herself and was able to learn from Jordan and do her own research to learn all she could about evidence-based nutrition. Now she is using this knowledge to help The Angry Nutrition Guy clients reach their own weight goals!

Our Statement

Let’s spread the good word. the angry nutrition guy is not me it’s a symbol. We should all be angry. Let’s take back control of our dietary freedom!

formulate a strategy in which you eat in a way that fits into your current lifestyle while still losing body fat and achieving the body of your dreams

After our initial consultation, in which we discuss your current habits and your ultimate desires, we will use our 4 step approach to create your plan to achive those goals as quickly and safely as possible.

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Stay up to date with our nutrition news, tips, and transformations! As a special thank you, you’ll receive a FREE copy of our Low Calorie Favorites ebook!