A No-BS approach to skyrocket your health and body composition through foods you actually love

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About The Program

Evidence Based Approach With Sustainability

No Deprivation

Our approach is to skyrocket your health and body composition through foods you actually love.

No Starvation

No magic powders or diet pills, but a long-term, sustainable approach that has you eating foods you enjoy, every single day.

No B.S.

We'll provide you everything you need to create sustainability and we're transparent with our approach.

I Am Not Angry, I Am Angry About The Misinformation

Every program is personalized to YOU. Your specific goals, both short-term and long-term are emphasized to make any program you choose help you reach your goals without working harder, but by eating and exercising smarter.

The Proven 4 Tier System


Devise a plan that fits your lifestyle and realistic to achieve.


Daily and weekly logs to keep yourself accountable to the goals that are set.

Assess & Change

Adjustments are a key factor due to lifestyles changes, and we are prepared to plan any changes that need to be made.


Knowledge is power, and education will prove to be a huge factor in sustaining the success you achieve.

The No B.S. Nutritionist

I am the founding member of the A.N.G. Army, but you can call me Jordan. Our A.N.G. Army are fed up because of the matrix of misinformation in the world of nutrition and fitness. We make 200 food decisions every single day. 200.

We are bombarded with super foods and detoxes, cleanses and juices that over promise, under deliver, and screw up our metabolism. Even if it helps us reach our desired weight loss or body composition goals, what did we learn? As soon as we go back to our old habits, we gain all of the weight back and more, starting at square one, looking for the next quick fix or miracle fat loss fad diet to implement for a few weeks of suffering. Rinse and repeat.

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