A No-BS approach to skyrocket your health and body composition through foods you actually love

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We Accept: HRAs, FSAs, and HSAs


3 Month Health Education And Transformation Program

Thorough Initial Assessment

Fully dissect your goals and a plan to get there

Discuss your health history and physical capabilities

Learn about your lifestyle, so we can create a plan that makes sense for you personally

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Personalized Nutrition Plan

Sample nutrition plans based on foods you enjoy

Meal frequency that fits your lifestyle โ€“ whether that is two or six meals per day

Optimal macronutrient distribution for your body and your goals

Individual Supplementation Plan

Some supplements make sense for certain goals, and some do not.

No diet pills or magic powders (obviously), if I recommend supplements they are backed with strong scientific evidence.

A cost/benefit analysis of which supplements make sense specifically for you.

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Motivation & Accountability

Weekly updates to ensure your program is on point

Log sheets for tracking diet efforts

Weekly check-ins and text message and email access to me

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