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How to enjoy Thanksgiving and still stay on track with your goals

If you’re like me, Thanksgiving is one of your favorite holidays because of all of the glorious food that is served. Turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie…mmmmm. Nothing beats it! But what if you’re in the middle of your weight-loss journey? Do you have to bring your Tupperware full of chicken and steamed vegetables to stay on track? No! Here are some tips and tricks to be able to enjoy some of your favorite holiday dishes and not stall your progress.

-Before your main meal, fill up on lean protein and vegetables the rest of the day to “save” your fat and carbohydrate macronutrients and keep your calories to a minimum prior to eating your meal.

-Avoid eating “not worth it” foods at dinner that you could eat at other times. For example, don’t eat a bunch of cheese and crackers during the appetizer hour and save your calories for grandma’s special stuffing instead

-At the main meal itself, fill your plate mostly with turkey (avoid the skin to save on fat) and vegetables. Then allow yourself small portions of all of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes!

-Don’t beat yourself up if you overeat! One day will not ruin your progress. But remember, Thanksgiving is one day. Not the whole weekend. Don’t continue to eat all of the leftovers the entire weekend.

-Remember to enjoy the time with your family and friends. You don’t have to make the day revolve around food. Be in the moment with your loved ones!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


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