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Stop Saying It’s Not The “Right” Time To Start

There’s never a “perfect” time to start a weight-loss or health journey. We’ve heard all of the excuses in the books from prospective clients. “I can’t start now because it’s the summer, and I want to have fun.” (Check out our blog to see why this isn’t the case at all!) “I can’t start because it’s the busy season at work right now.” “I can’t start because it’s my great aunt’s birthday and my second cousin’s daughter’s dance recital and there’s just no way I can manage it.” Sadly, we’re not even joking. There will always be holidays, birthdays, busy days at work, etc, etc. If you wait until all the stars align and there is nothing going on in your life you will be waiting your entire lifetime. That’s why it’s always better to just bite the bullet, take the leap, and start. Here are the ways we suggest to make it easier to reach your goals even when it’s not the “perfect” time to start. 

1. Make your health a priority!

It’s amazing how many people don’t think their health is important enough to put first. You only have one body; treat it right! Without your health you won’t be able to enjoy all those parties, vacations, and family gatherings. Being “healthy” doesn’t have to take a lot of time, and you can still enjoy fun foods! Meal prep can be easy, and your foods can be enjoyable. You just have to be willing to take the action. 

2. Take it one day at a time. 

The first week is always the hardest. It gets easier. Most people quit in the first few days because it’s too hard, and they haven’t seen results yet. It takes longer than three days! You build habits with time which leads to consistency and consequently results. 

3. Make a plan.

Meal planning allows for proactive eating to avoid reactive eating. We’re not saying you have to plan everything out every day, but having a general idea of what you’ll be eating and having those ingredients at theready is so important. If you come home after a really stressful day at work and have nothing planned ahead of time for dinner, the chances are slim that you’ll make a smart decision on what to make for dinner. More than likely you’ll be calling your local pizza place for a large pepperoni pie. 

4. Stop making excuses!

Yes, it’s time for a little tough love. Stress is inevitable in life. Everyone experiences it. It shouldn’t stop you from taking the steps necessary to reach your goals. Sure you’ll have your days here and there where you indulge whether that’s to celebrate something fun or in response to a stressful event. But don’t let that be an excuse for the next few weeks to not get back on track. 

Sorry if we were a bit harsh here, but sometimes you need to hear it! Sometimes you just need that little push to get you over the hump. Hopefully this gave you the motivation you needed if you’ve fallen off track.  If you think you need even more support and accountability, feel free to reach out! 

Make every day count, 

Kristen and Jordan from The Angry Nutrition Guy

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Stay up to date with our nutrition news, tips, and transformations! As a special thank you, you’ll receive a FREE copy of our Low Calorie Favorites ebook!